Temples Of Torment

by Ravencult



released April 30, 2007


all rights reserved



Ravencult Athens, Greece

Originating from Athens, Greece, RAVENCULT was spawned in 2001 to revive the relentless side of Black/Thrash Metal, bringing forth an unpolished, organic sound to manifest their morbid darkness.

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Track Name: The Sigil Of Baphomet
An age of plagues, an age of chaos has come
No fields for kings , no fields for thorncrowned ones
Knowledge bestowed in ancient cult , the horned one more than a figure in black

No redeemer liveth, liberation we seek
The earthy coil drenched in sulphur, the burden of matter

Repentance for sin
Nearly heathen
Repentance for sin

Like seven stars that drowned the sun and the moon
One step further to witness writings of doom
To be neither enslaved, servant or fool
A cryptic note unveiled for eyes to see

An age of plague ascends
No fields for kings
The earthly coil in sulphur

The horned one
A cryptic note unveiled
Knowledge bestowed in ancient cult
The sigil of Baphomet
Track Name: In Times Οf Demise
Empty eyes stare the voids
A magnet swallowing hearts
A mystic fall to the unknown
In cores full of demon breaths

I admire the source of evil
Contagious leads us back
Consistent will and concrete ways
In times of demise
Oceans shall drown in fire
The holy stench shall burn
In golden ash all filth is hiding
With strength I blow, I am the mind

Find a way to escape this labyrinth
Chances are minimized to change your ill will
Suffering in maximum will be the earth's last scene
Olds laws we reveal, punishment is eternal!

In the end of times everything breathes for nothing
Mummified, wandering, ideals are crushed
The holy strings we cut, grimly possessed by murder
Your lives in my knife

In the icy seas of black ink we coronate the naked cold
As a noisy storm of insects searches channels to spread pest
Track Name: Onslaught Command
Goatshaped masks, hamstringing lash
Noisome divine serfdom
Vehemence with no submission
Moribund world

Cancerous growth, no anaesthesia
Nonentity, hate and conversion
Hail woe!

All holiness now scutle, impurity
Cloven hoofs in sacred ground
Genuine inner pain, immortality
Through the abysmal fog, Infernal Majesty!

Face the soil, who twists the knife?
Cloven hoofs, goatshaphed masks
A curse that sounds so merciless

Drape yourself in status torment
Genuine fear, horncrowned rats
The final command
Track Name: Blessed In Heresy
Hoarfrost addiction, injections of cold
Divided we breathe in heretic ways
Careful what you wish for, blessed parasite
Tolerance withered constantly unknown

Where irresolution equals discipline
An empty stare and puppets string
Hearts that sound like ghastly necrotunes
Three nails could be enough

Creating your own doom
Salvation is at hand
Pilgrim, humanoid
Three nails are not enough
Track Name: Commence The Burning Of Heavens
Spawned from the filthiest cunt
The son of God, the nebular whore
Emerging from darkseas
Like cosmic rays erase the fog
And glorify the winterstorm

Funeral dreams of angels forlorn become unknown
Now cursed by the moon, I sacrifice the virginborn

Spawned from a dying womb
The son of God, the nebular whore
Emerging from darkseas
Like cosmic rays erase the fog
And glorify the winterstorm

Ages before the birth of time and space
Where no sun's rising on earth's face
The bitter frost will turn all life to dust
Sceptres down, inhale some glorious death

Spawned from a dying womb
The son of God, the nebular whore
Emerging from darkseas
Like cosmic rays erase the fog
And glorify the winterstorm
Track Name: The Nightsky Codex
The whirlwinds of hate
A pestilence in ancient forms
Dominate through mist
And codes of the elder gods

Codex of the nightsky

Afar from the dying sun
A vision seen by dead eyes
Last icons of a prophet
The one baptized in blood

Codex of the nightsky

Demons call our names
Abyss devours our souls
Flames burn our skin
Beings without a face
This is your last blaze

Yet so alone
Inspired by the northern cold
The howling of winds
And memories of a dying tribe

Codex of the nightsky

Summon the beast
The presence of the inner demon
The one who offers me
The pleasures of the underworld

Codex of the nightsky

Pearly gates are falling
Untrodden paths are burning
Not christened souls approaching
Incest now is reigning
Your lifeless hearts still beating
In decayed ruins

Codex of the nightsky
Track Name: Utter Cold Void
No presence of mortals in silent fields of gray
No movement, no lifeline in utter cold void
The path I chose to wander lies north
Where rust is priceless and ice covers the earth

Winter's mist is near
Where gleaming shadows crawl

And I could only substitute joy with strict logic
And I could only substitute life with imminent death
Return to nihil law since motion is futile
I sink in cold void, adjust in the higher scorn
Here man resembles gods and gods resemble man
We suffocate in mortal shell
We need no blood but frost

Track Name: The Needles Of Truth
A tragedy condemned to breed in circles
A moment of utter pain, what I am
Rabid death, it crawls among the herb
A feeling balance in time, what I am

So grotesque those signs no one follows stars
Like an infant trapped in a phantom, what I am
The last night fades as blood flows slower
Fast are the wheels of no life
Where dead cells hurt, so cold the needles of truth

I am mocking for you're fading
Behold the end of your Golgotha
Behold the dawn of the last days
The unchained side of a life that never existed

I am mocking (for) I never trust bleeding chrisoms
One coffin is still left for a faceless phantom
Chrisoms burn!

Pure is the rage that scars your unseen face
Genuine the pain you feel in your own maze

Phantoms arrive but winter is at hand
So cold the needles that lay in your arms

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